Monday, March 31, 2008

Rainy Days

It is gloomy and rainy on my two year old's birthday. She is whining at my legs and my newborn seems to be constantly hungry! It probably wasn't very smart, but I am so excited about my new business that I was up until 3am making dresses for my shop. So today I am paying the price with fatigue, stuck indoors with a whiny toddler and hungry baby. Still, could life be any better? God has blessed me by allowing me to be the one to feed my newborn and train my toddler not to whine about things! I am so glad to be home with them!

Check out some of my early morning creations, and if you are interested to see more check out my shop at the website above. I have very few things in my shop at the moment, but will slowly be adding to my inventory so keep checking back!